The Sausalito Cruising Club has a distinguished history that has its roots in the days following the end of World War Two. Servicemen returning from the war decided that needed a place to have fun and decompress. Thus they founded the Sausalito Cruising Club. Soon, they took advantage of the US Government selling off surplus war vessels. The Cruising Club clubhouse is actually a surplus World War Two munitions barge! It has been moored along side Dunphy Park for more than 55 years. Over those years, the membership has made many improvements to the clubhouse, it has nice amenities and a delightful character. In addition, the facility features spectacular views of Richardson Bay, Belvedere, Angel Island and San Francisco.

The Cruising Club is a member of the Pacific Inter-Yacht Club Association. We have reciprocal rights with many yacht clubs on the West Coast, Hawaii, and throughout the world.